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The Emergence of Net-Centric Computing

The traditional PC is history: Net-Centric computing is the future. But what form will it take? Computing appliances, connected PCs, Web-enabled set-top boxes, Webphones, Internet-connected wireless communicators, or Java-based network computers? All of them or something else entirely? What challenges face professionals who want to build, plan for, or invest in these new systems?

The Emergence of Net-Centric Computing provides an up-to-the-minute birds-eye view of the entire field. Bernard Cole presents every leading approach and reviews all of these crucial technology issues:

Making the Internet scale to support net-centric computing

Pros, cons and alternatives to Java in networked computing devices

The role of distributed objects, including CORBA and DCOM

Net-centric operating systems

RISC and CISC processors

Supercharging I/O: RSVP, parallelism, I2O, and other key strategies

Cole offers new insights into the make-or-break challenges facing the net-centric computing industry, including security, testing, maintenance, and reliability. He reviews the massive infrastructure and technology enhancments needed to support real time networked multimedia, including MPEG4, RTSP, VRML, Java3D, MMX and its competitors, and 64-bit processors. Finally, he previews tomorrow's new Web-centric user interfaces, intended to keep users from getting "lost in hyperspace." With extraordinary breadth and depth, Cole has done what others thought impossible: he has made sense of the net-centric computing future.

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