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Toni McConnel's By-lined Articles

This articles and columns listed here aren't my latest (no time to keep up this page), but if you're looking for writing samples, they will do.

A few of my by-lined technical articles for iAppliance Web:

RFID advances bring fundamental changes to security and personal safety

Privacy Issues In RFID

RFID 101:  The Basics of Radio Frequency Identification

New connected sensors will detect anything, anywhere

Security Sentinel (column on security for iAppliance Web):

WLAN Security Solutions Near?

Virus detection, firewalls are not enough

Identity theft -- what, me worry?

Computer viruses are changing the definition of war  (This is one of my favorites.)

How safe are you from credit card fraud?

Spam and security - why we should be worried

Malware attacks escalate, enable massive identity theft operation

Laptop vulnerabilities are not lessening; they are growing worse

It ain't the user who is ignorant, folks...

Who's to blame when you get cheated in an online auction?

Windows XP Service Pack 2 is a pain in the assets

Spyware 101

Copyright is meaningless on the Web

Website spoofing 101

Help! Help! Somebody call the cops!

Here are your instructions...

No wonder we're in trouble

Spoofing is no joke

Voicemail vulnerabilities

Passwords are like locks on doors...








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