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Toni McConnel — Ghosted articles

I am in the process of moving files from another site, so only a few articles are available at the moment.  Please contact me if you want to see articles on specific technologies and I will send you other samples. 928-255-5216. 

Asynchronous multiprocessing on CompactPCI
Company: General Microsystems
Magazine: Electronic Engineering Times

Smart engineering slashes costs on emulator design. 
Company: NEC
Magazine: Electronic Engineering Times

Comments:  This is a "how we did it" story.

Avionics Hardware Must Now Meet Same
FAA Requirements as Airborne Software

Company: Enea (formerly OSE Systems)
Magazine: COTS Journal
Comments: A PDF file

Uncrackable keys require hardware RNGs
Company: Ubicom
Magazines: Communications Design, iAppliance Web, Electronic Engineering Times

Military/Government standards ensure cyber-security
Company: Green Hills Software
Magazine: Electronic Engineering Times

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